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Andrew Carnduff
1833 - 1916

Married in Ayr Scotland, 23 November 1855

(the information below is from the obituary section of a local Australian newspaper, dated July 1916) ..
Mr. Andrew Carnduff, who in the early seventies and eighties was a well known and highly popular tobacconist, carrying on business in Pall Mall, died at his residence, Carpenter-street, on Saturday at the advanced age of 88 years. For the past nine months the deceased gentleman had been an invalid, and death resulted from a general breaking up of the system. The late Mr. Carnduff was of a retiring disposition, and took no active part in public affairs, but he was widely known and highly respected and esteemed for his many admirable qualities. One of his daughters (Mrs. Stanbridge) resides in Bendigo. Born in Kilmarnock, Scotland, in 1833, the late Mr. Carnduff, when a youth went to Ayr and there learned the manufacture of tobacco, which experience was of great use to him in his later business career. He left Scotland and arrived with his wife and two children in Melbourne in 1863 in the sailing ship Clara. On arrival, Mr. Carnduff went to Ravenswood, and shortly afterwards came to Bendigo, where, like most of the old pioneers, he had a hard struggle, and living in a tent, had to turn his attention to various things before he could get a footing in the new country. Messrs.Black and Smith had been trying to manufacture tobacco from locally grown leaf, but with indifferent success, there being little sale for it. Mr. Carnduff tried to sell it for them at the corner of Pall Mall and Bull-street on different occasions. He also travelled in the country districts and visited various mining camps, but owing to some fault in the leaf there was very little sale for the tobacco. Messrs. Black and Smith gave the machinery to Mr. Carnduff, and he carried on the manufacture in Bridge-street for a considerable time. After studying and trying different methods he ultimately gave it up. Later he carried on business as a tobacconist in View-street and at Bath Corner.
Mr. Carnduff .then established a successful business at No. 4 Pall Mall,which he carried on for many years. Being compelled by ill-health to retire from business in 1897, he afterwards resided quietly at St.Kilda,and later at Brighton.About four years ago he had a serious illness, and on slightly recovering he longed to see Bendigo once more, and came back, the change being very beneficial. He was able to be about the city a few times, when he met many old friends, and was much pleased at the warm reception given him. His health again failing, he was compelled to live quietly at his home. A serious illness confined him to his bed for the last nine months, and he passed peacefully away on Saturday at 1 p.m., firmly trusting in the work of his Redeemer. When in health he took his share in the upbuilding of the City, of Bendigo. He was an old member of the old St. Andrew's Society, and as set forth in the "Annals of Bendigo," he ably took his part in the production of amateur theatricals in company with the late Mr.Angus Mackay, Sir John M'Intyre, and others of his time, raising considerable sums of money for charitable and educational purposes.
While in indifferent health, he travelled twice round New Zealand and Queensland. When he retired from business he had a pleasant trip home to his native land, renewing many friend ships. Whilst living at St. Kilda, he still kept up his interest in Bendigo in a practical manner, paying heavy calls in several mines for over 20 years, and reciving no return whatever. The late Mr. Carnduff had a deep and strong love for his native land, and not a few of his own countrymen who had missed their way were quietly helped on in the battle of life, to better things by him. Mrs. Carnduff died in 1888. He leaves two daughters, an adopted daughter and several grandchildren, of whom Lance-Corporal L.Osborne is now at the front, and Miss Ivy Osborne, who resides in Bendigo, Miss Murray Carnduff is his adopted daughter, who had been with him for 28 years. During his last long illness she was with the help of his grand-daughter, Miss Doris Martin, of Kennington, his sole nurse. The other grand-children resident in Bendigo are Mrs. Martin Downey, of Roslyn-street and Mrs. N. Rennet, of Lilac-street.


AnyWhite Text below are hyperlinks which will give further information. Their children were as follows:

Adam McCutcheon Carnduff was born 9 Mar 1857 at Ayr, Ayr, Scotland and died 1857 at Ayr, Ayr, Scotland.
B- Agnes McGregor Carnduff was born 10 Dec 1858 at Ayr, Ayr, Scotland and died 19 Apr 1901 at Bendigo, Victoria G/N10883. She married George Edward Stanbridge 1887 (VRN 4465).
1- Ida Christina Stanbridge was born 1887 at Sandhurst, Victoria (VRN 31880) and died ~20 Dec 1888 at Sandhurst, Victoria (VRN 15809). Bendigo G/N10883.
2- George Andrew Stanbridge was born 1889 at Sandhurst, Victoria (VRN 7363) and died ~4 Feb 1890 at Sandhurst, Victoria (VRN 4580). Bendigo G/N10883.
3- Norman Stanbridge was born 1890 at Sandhurst, Victoria (VRN 36235) and died 1890 at South Melbourne, Victoria (VRN 16839).
4- George Edward Stanbridge was born 1893 at Bendigo, Victoria (VRN 9970) and died on active duty 8 Aug 1918 near Harbonnieres, France. He married Jean Isabel Uknown .
5- Frederick Stanbridge was born 1895 at Bendigo, Victoria (VRN 26755) and died ~14 Oct 1895 at Bendigo, Victoria G/N10883 (VRN 16839).
C- Christina Maude Carnduff was born 9 Mar 1861 at Ayr, Scotland. She married Arel Petrus Martin 1887 (VRN 5341). He was born ~1862 at Ayr, Scotland (IGI).
1- Irene Martin was born 1888 at South Yarra, Victoria (VRN 15778).
2- Christine Ellen Carnduff Martin was born 1893 at St.Kilda, Victoria (VRN 17197).
3- Doris Estelle Martin was born 1896 at Bendigo, Victoria (VRN 9015).
D- Elizabeth Bell Carnduff  was born 1863 at Back Creek, Victoria (VRN 10584) and died ~30 Aug 1930 at Bendigo, Victoria. She married Charles Hellyar Osborne 26 Jun 1886 at Sandhurst, Victoria. He was born 1858 at Spring Creek, Victoria and died 7 Sep 1936 at Bendigo, Victoria.
1- Leslie Symonds Osborne was born 28 Aug 1890 at Prahran, Victoria and died 17 Jun 1973 at Bendigo, Victoria. He married Ivy Sloggett 23 Jul 1919 at Albert Park, Victoria. She was born 17 May 1896 at Eaglehawk, Victoria and died 25 Jun 1971 at Bendigo, Victoria.
2- Vera Daisy Osborne was born 10 Sep 1888 at Melbourne, Victoria and died 14 Sep 1890 at Melbourne, Victoria.
3- Ivy Belle Osborne was born 1895 and died 1927. She married Angus P. MacDonald.
E- Grace Carnduff was born at Sandhurst, Victoria (not registered). She married Horace Herbert Mannering 1886 (VRN 7049). He was born 1866 at White Hills, Victoria (IGI) and died 1946 (IGI).
1- Horace Herbert Andrew Mannering was born 1887 at Melbourne, Victoria (VRN 30056) and died 1888 at South Melbourne, Victoria (VRN 2664)
2- Victor Roy Carnduff Mannering was born 1889 at South Melbourne, Victoria (VRN 5285).
3- Harold Claude Carnduff Mannering was born 1891 at St.Kilda, Victoria (VRN 7311).
4- Robert Andrew Carnduff Mannering was born at St.Kilda, Victoria (VRN 35514).
5- Albert Leopold Everett Mannering was born St.Kilda, Victoria (VRN 23729) and died 1900 at Carlton, Victoria (VRN 12110).
F- Andrew Carnduff was born 1867 at Sandhurst, Victoria (VRN 24299). He married Ellen (Nelly) Quick 1890 at Sandhurst, Victoria (VRN 2903).
G- Mary Carnduff was born 1869 at Sandhurst, Victoria (VRN 24777) and died ~21 Nov 1869 at Sandhurst, Victoria (VRN 10216). Buried at Bendigo, Victoria G/N3397.
H- William Carnduff was born ~ Jan 1874 and died ~20 Nov 1874 at Sandhurst, Victoria (VRN 11898). Buried at Bendigo, Victoria G/N3397.
I- Herbert Carnduff was born 1880 at Sandhurst, Victoria (VRN 4793) and died ~24 Feb 1880 at Sandhurst, Victoria (VRN 2677). Buried at Bendigo, Victoria G/N3397.
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