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This Genealogy website is dedicated to the research and history of the names Cairnduff & Carnduff, and the many variants. Please add to what has been gathered so far and help to preserve and expand our family history for others in the future. If you need assistance in your own research, or any information to contribute please Email me at allancairnduff@gmail.com.

The Scottish surname Cairnduff, Carnduff and variants, is a rare surname of locative origin, deriving from the name of the place where the initial bearer once lived or held lands, thus affording him suitable means of identity in his local community.Over time the surname could change, Carnduff, Carnduf, Cairnduf, Cairnduffe, Cairnduff. the changes in spelling occurred, even between father and son. I have also included some names which may be relevant due to locality and situation eg: Carduff, Cardiff, and all entries in this site are as the source record and have not been altered

Origin of the Surname.

The first mention of the surname is in the Royal Seal of Scotland,and land named Cairnduff was given for services to King Robert 2nd of Scotland by John Lyndesay. The text is obviously a charter given by King Robert 2nd of Scotland, In all likelihood this was Robert 2nd, grandson of Robert Bruce, and John Lyndesay was probably the warrior knight who is mentioned for his bravery at the battle of Otterburn in 5 August 1388. Below is a link to an online book by Leonard Allison Morrison 1843-1902,on the Allison Family and the Cairnduff lands in Avondale.It also gives early instances of the Cairnduff surname. In the book is a search Facility on the top right hand side, the search link will appear after a few seconds.

In each family, there is one who is called on to find their ancestors to put flesh on their bones and make them live again
To tell and preserve the family story, and feel that somehow they know and approve. Doing Genealogy
is not..a cold gathering of facts, but instead breathing life into the storytellers of the tribe...
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“Of all the small nations of this earth, perhaps only the ancient Greeks surpass
the Scots in their contribution to mankind” Winston Churchill".
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If you have any related information to add, bits of family history or photos, and would like to share and preserve.
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